How To Align Your Leaflet Campaign & Marketing Strategy

However large or small your business and whatever industry you are in, leaflet campaigns can be a great initiative to provide you with the competitive advantage you need to successfully develop and grow your organisation. A leaflet campaign combined with a structured marketing strategy is an effective way to increase your brand awareness and drive new business. Furthermore, ensuring that your leaflet actions are aligned with your overall marketing plan will help you get the most out of your targeted campaign.

Prompt a Call-To-Action

With the flexibility to create an eye-catching design, leaflet distribution in Nottingham and Derby is the ideal opportunity to put a call-to-action (CTA) directly in the hands of the consumer. As opposed to digital advertising, where CTA’s can get overlooked and are often not revisited, a physical leaflet is much harder to ignore. As a leaflet will be delivered directly to the target audience, it is the perfect time to drive them to your business; whether it be visiting your store, calling a phone number or exploring a website. Make your CTA’s stand out to encourage potential customers to convert.

Clear Targets and Defined Metrics

You’re not going to know whether your marketing initiatives are successful or not if you don’t have targets in mind and the right metrics to follow. If you are running a promotion in a defined area, you have the benefit of being able to study a specific geographic location. This is an excellent metric in itself as you are able to measure the rate of users visiting your website from location-based analytics. If you are promoting the use of a phone number, why not consider call tracking as a technique? Assigning call tracking to your campaigns will help you better identify which marketing collateral is most effective and in turn enables future campaigns to be more refined.

Support a Launch

When launching a new product or service for your business you want to give it the best possible chance for success. If you are opening a store or introducing something new to a particular area, then leaflet drops within that community are the leading way to grab your target audience's attention. Leaflet distribution in Nottingham and Derby is an additional channel to add to your campaign that can increase launch exposure and create a buzz around new products or services. Using leaflets alongside online advertising and other marketing efforts is a certified way to give your brand awareness and sales the boost it deserves.

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