How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors in a Busy Advertising Environment

Living in a digital age, it can feel like advertising surrounds us. From traditional printed marketing materials such as flyers, newspapers, posters, and billboards to digital marketing platforms such as social media and email.

It can seem impossible to know where to start and how to get your voice heard by your audience. But how do you get ahead and increase your business visibility in the advertising environment? At Veriflyers we have created a list of top tips to stand out and make the most of your campaigns.

Know the Competition

Getting to know your competitors and how they advertise is very important when choosing a method of advertising for your business. Do they have an online presence? Do they utilise physical advertising? By finding out what is successful for them, you can begin to make a judgement of what may be useful for your own campaign.

Alternatively, looking at what your competitors are missing within their campaigns can help you to take advantage of new opportunities within your industry. For example, if your competitors are not currently distributing physical advertising within one of your target locations, this is a great chance to promote your own product or service. If you are looking to distribute leaflets within Derby or Nottingham, check out our View our interactive postcode map to discover our coverage radius.

Look After Your Customers

While there is always a desire to drive more customers to your business, it is just as important to look after and retain your existing customers. This promotes brand loyalty and encourages repeat visits. As it costs your company more to acquire new customers, it is important to look after your current audience to see a strong return on your overall investment.

Why not use remarketing techniques to send exclusive offers to previous customers, showing them that you value their customs and overall support of your business? If this connection with a customer is built, it helps to promote consumer trust and builds loyalty to your brand.

Promote Your USPs

You know your business best and what sets you apart from your competitors - what do you offer your customers that they cant? Consider why a customer would choose your product or service over those of your competitors.

Once your USPs are identified they can be used in your messaging and pushed into every aspect of your marketing. You should include them on your website, physical advertising, packaging, any material promoting your business. This helps to build a consistent brand image, and push your best company assets.

Drive Testimonials

Within your marketing campaigns, it is important to include relatable testimonials from your customer in order to build trust in your brand and reputation. Both online reviews and recommendations through word of mouth can have a huge impact on potential customers currently searching for products or services.

Promote Your Business With Veriflyers

At Veriflyers, we manage your entire design, print, and flyer delivery campaign for you with assistance from our partners. Therefore, we can work alongside you using our expert industry knowledge to produce a water-tight marketing campaign.

Interested in utilising traditional marketing in your business? Get in touch with our team today for help delivering leaflets in your area.

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