Is Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Really Worth It?

Traditional marketing tactics are sadly often overlooked in the digital age. While leveraging digital marketing is important to your campaign’s success, it’s when combined with the timeless and trusted traditional methods that you’ll see results that effectively canvas a wide audience.

Door to door leaflet distribution remains an affordable and essential component of legacy marketing – as long as houses have letterboxes, it’ll always be a great way of getting your message out there. Maximise your potential, and start working with Veriflyers today.

The Pros of Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets Complement a Campaign’s Digital Marketing

Far from being an outdated marketing practice, door to door leaflet distribution can in fact bolster a campaign’s success when used in tandem with digital methods. Designing a leaflet that relates to a digital campaign – by including websites and other links that tie in with your business’s digital presence – makes it recognisable and enforces your message.

An eye-catching and engaging design will naturally stand out better on paper than on a screen. This can be taken advantage of for a truly captivating leaflet distribution campaign.

Traditional Marketing is a Breather from the Digital Age

There’s a reason that over 80% of the UK’s best retailers still employ leaflet campaigns. While the digital age is a crucial space to leverage in your campaign, it’s often oversaturated with information. As daily aspects of our lives become more entangled in the online sphere, a break from our screens becomes increasingly important. Ironically, a leaflet or flyer through the door is a refreshing distraction from the digital bombardment.

Well-designed leaflets are instantly attractive and recognisable; they don’t have to compete with a cluttered digital space. We forget most of what we see online in a day but leaflets are singular and physical, making them more noticeable and ultimately memorable.

Leaflets Guarantee Readers

In the same vein, it’s easy to skim through a digital ad without taking much of it in. A well-designed leaflet delivered directly to your audience’s doors is essentially guaranteed to be seen; it occupies a physical space that can’t simply be overlooked in the same way a digital ad can.

To this day, leaflet campaigns have kept up with digital marketing methods and continued to generate sales for businesses. That’s because they’re consumed in a manner that will never go out of fashion; in fact, leaflet advertising is gaining increased urgency as more aspects of our lives go digital. If you’re after a timeless, traditional form of captivating an audience, you can’t go wrong with a good leaflet.

A Trusted Door to Door Leaflet Distributor Makes It Easy

Planning a leaflet campaign can seem like a daunting, admin-heavy task. This couldn’t be further from the truth; modern distributors like Veriflyers make the process easier than ever by handling the door to door leaflet distribution on their end.

All you have to do is effectively communicate your leaflet’s message and choose a service plan – the rest is handled by our premium printers and trusted delivery team. It’s never been easier to engage an audience through traditional leaflet marketing.

Gain New Customers with Door to Door Leaflets

Veriflyers has one of the highest successful delivery rates in the industry. Operating in Nottingham and Derby, we’re experts when it comes to high-quality printing and reliable door to door leaflet distribution. You can see our full postcode coverage map for details on where we deliver.

Contact us today for more information on how we can assist your business’s marketing campaign – whatever your requirements, we’d love to hear from you. You can also find more door to door distribution ideas on our blog.

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