The Veriflyers Annual Roundup

At Veriflyers, 2020 has been an exciting, busy and unpredictable year. Reflecting on the past 12 months gives us time to realise just how much has happened. In this blog, we look back on some of our 2020 highlights, what we have seen within the industry this year and where we see leaflet marketing going heading into 2021.

Expanded Leaflet Distribution Services into Derby

Possibly the highlight of the year for us was taking our established leaflet services in Nottingham and expanding them into nearby Derby and Derbyshire. This was such an exciting step for us and one we knew was in the right direction. For our current clients based in Nottingham, this enabled them to reach an extended audience with our trusted service and presented businesses in Derby with the chance to access our leading leaflet distribution solutions.

Expanding our leaflet distribution services during this unprecedented time is a testament to the support of our clients and the hard work of the Veriflyers team. It gives us great pride to help smaller businesses across the East Midlands grow and reach new audiences.

Leaflet Distribution In 2020

There’s no doubt that this year has been unpredictable and presented a number of challenges for businesses to adapt to the circumstances we have been faced with. Following Government guidelines on Covid-19, has meant there has been an increased number of people inside their homes throughout the year.

Leaflet campaigns are a low-cost, fast, effective and targeted approach to sharing messages with people directly at their door. In light of this, with more people being at home and purchasing habits shifting (more people shopping locally and online), this has presented a prime opportunity to capture people's attention with leaflet marketing.

For businesses of all sizes in local areas, leaflet marketing has enabled them to specifically target postcode locations, informing people of home improvement/maintenance opportunities, community information, health & wellbeing information and business information such as website URLs. For many, this has been a vital way to support and communicate with their customers in the local community.

The Future of Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution is a great way to share company messages, inform people of key business information and promote products, services and offers; it is a flexible solution that is often low in cost. The ability to tailor messages and easily target different areas makes them an attractive marketing method.

At a point in time where digital messages are so prominent and saturated, physical marketing techniques can make a great impact in engaging with new and existing audiences. Leaflet distribution has solidified its place as a marketing tool whilst digital techniques have grown in stature and we see leaflet delivery continuing to remain popular in 2021.

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