Top Tips For Writing Engaging Leaflet Copy

There’s a lot of planning that goes into creating a leaflet and many people focus on the design. However, leaflet copy is just as important. Engaging leaflet copy can significantly boost the success of the leaflet.

How to Write Engaging Leaflet Copy

  • Include Headlines - You only have a few seconds to engage the audience of a leaflet, so headlines are a must. If you do not grab their attention and engage them quickly, there is a high chance that their attention will wander elsewhere. With headlines, you can clearly showcase what you are offering. Without doing a lot of reading and spending more than a few seconds glancing at the copy, the audience knows what the leaflet is about.
  • Use Snappy Sentences - Though you may be tempted to include a lot of important information in leaflet copy, this should be avoided. It’s best to stick to key details and use snappy sentences, as there is less of a chance of the audience’s attention going elsewhere. Keep sentences short, snappy and easy to understand.
  • Have a Clear CTA - It’s important to include a clear call to action on every leaflet, as this is what encourages the audience to get in touch and find out more. Though a leaflet can provide information about a service or product, a potential customer is always going to want to know more about who you are and what you do. Having a clear call to action tells the audience how to contact you, which means they are much more likely to do so.
  • Think About Your Audience - When you are writing copy for any type of marketing material, including leaflets, you need to think about your audience. After all, you don’t want to pay for leaflet printing only to realise your audience aren’t engaged and responsive to the copy. The tone, style and wording of the copy will depend heavily on who you are targeting. For example, an older audience is more likely to pay attention to copy that’s somewhat formal, whereas a younger audience is used to colloquial terms and lighthearted marketing efforts.

Leaflet Printing and Delivery

At Veriflyers, we have the means to deliver leaflets in a way that is reliable and affordable. Whether you have a small amount of leaflets to deliver in a small area or many leaflets to deliver in a very large area, you can rely on us to ensure they are delivered promptly and professionally. To find out more about leaflet delivery, get in touch with the Veriflyers team. Get started here!

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