What Does the Future Hold for Leaflet Campaigns?

Leaflet campaigns have long been a useful and profitable marketing technique for companies to implement as part of their marketing strategies. Despite a wide variety of alternative marketing methods, many taking the form of digital approaches as opposed to more traditional methods, leaflet campaigns still remain a popular solution. A leaflet campaign can be a great way to drive footfall to a store, increase website traffic, generally raise business awareness and now could be the ideal time to get involved. Derby and Nottingham based leafleting company, Veriflyers outline why leaflet flyering is here to stay.

A Marketing Channel That Is Here To Stay

With leaflet campaigns being able to keep up with digital transformation and still remaining competitive to this day ensures it is an admirable marketing method going forward. Leaflet campaigns still very much hold their value as a solution for a business to promote their offerings and engage with their audience, and there are no signs of this going away anytime soon. In fact, within an overall marketing mix, a leaflet strategy is a tactile approach that can be used to support and bolster additional methods such as email marketing and PPC advertising.

Digital Disconnect

As consumers, we are exposed to extreme amounts of digital messaging on a daily basis, from adverts attached to social media, the commercial breaks whilst watching television and countless promotion emails, and that’s only highlighting a few. With so much advertisement going on around us it is easy to overlook or forget about certain offers or information that companies put out there; this is where leaflet distribution comes in. Whereas, digital messaging can be easy to overlook, a leaflet through a letterbox is much harder to ignore.

Build a Connection With Your Audience

Leaflets can be seen as a more trustworthy approach to unwanted targeted adverts online or promotional junk emails. Leaflet campaigns can be utlised as a marketing effort to build a long-lasting connection with an intended target audience. This is particularly beneficial with businesses promoting themselves within a local area, as there is common ground and the incentive for communities to engage locally where possible.

Encourage Repeat Custom

Reputation is vital for a business to thrive and survive, especially when there is a competitive landscape. Similarly to building a connection with your audience, encouraging repeat business and building a credible reputation is also important and this can be done through leaflet campaigns. Leaflet marketing is a great way to share company updates, offer promotions to specific post code areas and motivate customers to engage with your brand.

A Money Saving Method

Leaflet campaigns are reliable in cost and remain competitive in relation to other marketing methods. Take pay per click (PPC) advertising as an example, each search term that the advert appears for varies in price, whereas leaflet campaign costs are more dependable. This consistency in price therefore makes it easier for companies to budget and forecast marketing outgoings over long periods of time.

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