Elevate your business with a simple leaflet marketing campaign

Planning your leaflet and flyer campaign is essential if you want to get the best results from your leaflet campaign. It also saves you a lot of stress and hassle.
getting started with leaflet marketing

Be clear on the type of campaign and message

Are you looking to simply increase your sales turnover, promote a new product or service, an event or an exclusive offer?

Whatever your campaign, take your time to ensure you get a single cohesive message with all the necessary information.

  • Don’t forget if you want people to respond, you’ve got to tell them what they need to do next
  • And always focus on the aspect of your business that only you provide, and then craft a message that attracts customers based on that.
leaflet marketing campaign

Research and plan your campaign

Once you have your message, think about how and when you can best communicate it to your target audience.

In order to reach local customers and maximize the impact of your campaign, we advise you to repeat your message several times. This will ensure customers will remember your business and you get a better response rate.

  • Is there a best time to contact your customers?
  • When will they be most likely to engage with the campaign?

Read our blog 'Designing A Leaflet Distribution Strategy That Works' to help you plan a standout marketing strategy.

getting started with leaflet marketing

Digital vs. traditional? You need to use both

If the buzz around marketing is all digital these days, why do over 80% of the UK’s top retail businesses use leaflet drops within their marketing mix? Because it works and delivers a very high return on investment.

Successful companies think about how to target their customers and then use the right channels to reach them. If you're clever with your advertising, you can take a customer from seeing your message on a flyer in their letterbox to following your social media pages and getting in touch. Combining online and offline marketing in this way helps you get the very best results.

getting started with leaflet marketing

Designs, print and distribution

It is often easier to get your whole campaign done in one place and you are confident of receiving a professional reliable service at best prices.

We can manage your entire design, print and flyer delivery campaign for you and help get the right campaign for you and ready on time.

Speak or email one of our team today - you don’t have to go it alone.