10 Ways To Create A Stand-Out Leaflet

Leaflets are a great way to promote your business but, with a crowded marketplace of competitors, it’s important that your leaflet stands out on the pile. See some of our top tips for designing an eye-catching leaflet that will get your message to your audience with ease:

#1 Use A Call-To-Action
A call-to-action, such as ‘shop now’, ‘find out more’ or ‘get in touch’, is a persuasive instruction for your audience to take action. Call-to-actions create a sense of urgency and are much more effective at getting your audience to move into the conversion stage of their journey.

#2 Use Consistent Branding
It’s important that your audience can identify your leaflet with your brand, so make sure that you user your logo on your leaflet, and that the colour-scheme used is in keeping with your brand palette.

#3 Include An Offer…
Providing a ‘hook’ will give your audience a reason to take action - particularly if your offer is time sensitive.

#4…And Use A Code
Using a promotional code make it easy for users to activate your offer and, if you make the code exclusive to your campaign, it also means you’ll be able to track the performance of your leaflet effectively.

#5 Include A Testimonial
Testimonials and case studies help build trust in your company and ensure you have credibility. Let your audience see how you’ve helped other businesses and can do similar for them.

#6 Use Simple Language

Remember that not everyone is an expert! Your audience are likely to lack the technical knowledge around your services and may use much simpler and common terms to find your products. Don’t put them off by using too much jargon on your leaflet.

#7 Remember That Less Is More
A leaflet that’s too text heavy can be off-putting to readers. Structure your text into sections, make clear and precise points and cut down on unnecessary text wherever possible!

#8 Use Eye-Catching Graphics
A striking picture, chart or icon will draw your audience’s attention, piquing their interest. Use a stand-out graphic that’s related to your leaflet content to draw your users in and set you apart from competitors.

#9 Check, Check And Check

Grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin your first impression with your audience. Make sure you proofread your leaflet content and that all dates, prices and promotional codes used are still valid.

#10 Print With A High Quality Finish
Appearances are everything, so make sure you don’t undo your achievements of designing a great leaflet by printing it on low quality material. At Veriflyers, our printing solutions use luxury paper to ensure that you deliver an outstanding first impression and convey the quality of your services correctly.

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