5 Ways Leaflet Distribution Can Help Your Business

Are you considering a leafleting campaign for your next marketing exercise? A leaflet campaign is a low-cost and effective way to promote your business - either as a stand-alone activity or to support an existing marketing promotion. Find out some of the ways a leaflet drop could help your business increase its sales today:

#1 Raise Brand Awareness
A leaflet is the perfect promotional campaign to raise brand awareness. With an eye-catching design, you have the chance to create a stand-out asset that utilises your branding and leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience. Leaflets often sit around a recipient’s house for a prolonged amount of time, giving them an extra lifespan that digital adverts wouldn’t be able to achieve.

#2 Promote New Services
Make sure audiences are aware of your new service offering with a leafleting campaign to promote your latest product. A leaflet campaign is a great low-cost way to generate a burst of traffic to your site and create a buzz around your new services.

#3 Push Discounts & Special Offers
Make sure your next sales offer gets significant traction with a dedicated leafleting campaign! Encourage users to shop with you by promoting a code. If you use a unique code for your leaflet drop you’ll be able to see accurate results for the success of the activity that can be attributed straight back to the campaign.

#4 Recapture Previous Visitors To Your Business
Leaflets are the perfect nudge to help a user complete their customer journey. A consumer may already be aware of your services and your brand, and a leaflet is the driving action that will make them convert. Or they may have forgotten about your brand - and your leaflet gives you a second chance to make a stand out impression.

#5 Find New Customers
Leaflets are a great way of reaching a target demographic who may not be found elsewhere. If your business only currently runs digital adverts or printed adverts in publications, then you’ll only be seen by users of these platforms. A door-to-door leafleting campaign allows you to reach a new audience that may not be found elsewhere - such as a typically older demographic. With a leafleting campaign you can also be sure that your customers are targeted by location - making it ideal for businesses who service a certain area to reach the residents of that postcode.

Start Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign Today
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