Defining Your Leaflet’s Audience

Are you looking for an effective leafleting campaign that will generate direct revenue? One of the most important parts of any marketing campaign is your audience. Targeting the right clients, in the right locations, can help maximise your return on investment. Find out how to understand your audience, and the impact it will have on your campaign, here:

Understanding Your Audience

Whilst digital marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel, traditional forms of advertising such as leaflet distribution still hold an important niche for brand campaigns. Leaflets typically appeal to an older, more mature audience – particularly when they’re a local business targeting the surrounding community.

Leaflets can be used to support a campaign targeted at younger audiences too, though. By including a QR code, or an exclusive discount code that can be entered online, you can support a digital marketing campaign and drive users to your website online.

If you’re unsure of the demographic targeting of your audience, you can learn more about your buyer persona by using valuable tools such as Google Analytics. This free tool enables you to learn more about the users visiting your website, including age and gender – giving you an accurate overview of your target audience.

Buyer-Led Design

The audience that you’re targeting will impact on the design that you choose for your leaflet. Do you want to attract a new customer base with bold, vibrant colours? Or are you looking to appeal to a steadfast customer-base with traditional, refined design? Speak to our experts today to find out more about how design should vary based on your target audience.

Staying Local

Are your services highly localised? Tailor your audience by targeting specific locations, right down to individual villages. A highly targeted audience area will allow you to maximise your presence in a small space. Or if you’re looking to broaden awareness across the region, you can widen your leafleting campaign to target a broader area. Check out our Derby and Nottingham postcode map to see the areas you can target, here.

Get Started With Your Leafleting Campaign Today

Start the New Year with a bang with an effective marketing campaign that will make a difference! At Veriflyers, our team are highly experienced at creating and distributing leaflet campaigns for brands across Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding areas.

If you want to create a powerful marketing campaign then get in touch with our experts today to find out more about our services and see how we can help.

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