How To Make Your Flyer Delivery Stand Out From the Crowd

With the digital age, it is now more important than ever to make sure your marketing methods stand out and convert. The way we consume media and advertisements is constantly changing, so when it comes to designing your next traditional marketing campaign, consider how the design can be used to drive conversions.

Designing an effective and high-quality leaflet can be made simple by understanding your market and your audience. Whether you're looking to reach new customers, promote the opening of your new business or just shout about your services, the design of your promotional flyer is crucial.

At Veriflyers, we can manage your design, print and flyer delivery therefore we can work alongside you to create a print campaign that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Our top tips and tricks to creating a marketing flyer that converts

Keep it simple

  • Keep the information concise and to the point

Keep the text simple and informative, showcasing only the essential information. A potential customer may only have a few seconds to view your flyer, so make sure they can take all the information they need from one look.

  • Use the white space

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with designing marketing material is to overcrowd your design and try to pack too much information into a small space. Simplify your design and make use of white space.

  • Don't overthink it

Keep your design simple and clear, take out any unnecessary waffle and keep it to the point.

Use clear call-to-actions

  • Use clear call-to-actions to guide your customer's journey

Call-to-actions are a crucial feature of your flyer, using clear call-to-actions can direct your customers to your site enabling them to convert. To make sure these stand out, at Veriflyers, we recommend using bold text along with placing your call-to-actions in coloured text boxes.

Branding is the most important element

  • Use brand colours and logos to differentiate your brand from others

One of the most important elements of your flyer design is making the flyer distinctly yours. Through the use of incorporating your brand colours and logo. So that not only will repeat customers recognise your brand, you will stand out to new potential customers.

Use the power of imagery

  • Use eye-catching and high-quality imagery

The imagery used can make or break your promotional material. The images need to be eye-catching, relevant and of high quality. When first looking at your flyers the viewer's eyes will be drawn immediately to the imagery, so this needs to be the strongest element of your design.

Create a standout Flyer Delivery with Veriflyers

Need help designing the perfect flyer for delivery that helps your business drive sales? Speak to our experts to create an impactful flyer and stand above the competition. From design, production and delivery, Veriflyers can help you to create an impactful marketing campaign.

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