Is it worth delivering leaflets in my area?

Using leaflet distribution and traditional methods of advertising for your business has been questioned by some. The digital space is where the majority of businesses advertise nowadays, and there are definite benefits to using digital marketing. However, this has meant that the majority of your competitors will be utilising digital marketing to boost their own businesses.

Furthermore, your audience will be bombarded with adverts on social media and websites all day every day. With the rise of working from home and internet usage, there’s no escaping the flurry of advertising online.

Leaflet distribution helps you get your voice heard in an over-saturated market that is full of noise. By targeting those in the area of your business, you can reach your audience using methods that your competitors may not have thought of.

If you are a local business, you can build a strategy that directly reaches those who are most likely to convert to customers. This is especially useful if your company only works within a certain radius.

Finding a leaflet distribution company that understands your area.

Don’t listen to all leaflet distribution companies when they tell you they can deliver in your area. Delivering leaflets can be effective, but only when they are delivered by someone who understands the landscape of your chosen delivery area. Furthermore, it is important to understand your target market and enter into your project with a clear objective.

If you don’t, you will waste your time and money trying to figure out your best audience as you go along. Delivering to the wrong area means your dream customers won’t be hearing from you, and your campaign will be reaching the wrong people.

For example, if you own a business or shop with high competition in your area, you may wish to target homes that are closer to you, and further away from your competitors. That way, you find those who are most likely to visit your business anyway.

Make sure you find a trusted flyer delivery company that has the experience to find your dream audience and knows the optimal locations for delivery.

Why you should consider leaflet delivery for your marketing campaign.

Even with the push towards digital marketing, traditional marketing is still a valuable asset for your business. 80% of businesses use a combined method of both to move cold leads down their funnel, before turning them into warm leads and then loyal customers.

To become successful in your campaign, you need to think about your audience and where you are most likely to find them. The pandemic meant that people spent more of their time online, so many businesses ran to take up digital space. However, people also spent more time at home, meaning your leaflets were more likely to reach them.

Being aware of the overall environment will assist you in figuring out the current marketing landscape. Working with a dedicated team with the knowledge to support you also means that you can propel your business further than before by using this blended marketing method.

Where can I find a company for delivering leaflets near me?

At Veriflyer’s, we manage your entire design, print and flyer delivery campaign for you. Therefore, we can work alongside you, using our expert industry knowledge to produce a water-tight marketing campaign.

Interested in utilising traditional marketing in your business? Get in touch with our team today for help delivering leaflets in your area.

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