Signs to Look For to Avoid Disreputable Flyer Distribution Companies

While leaflet distribution has been a popular and trusted marketing technique for many years, it can be difficult for businesses to know what makes a leaflet distribution company reliable, and what red flags to keep an eye out for to avoid a negative experience.

It is very important to research your potential flyer distribution company thoroughly before placing an order to avoid trusting your marketing with an untrustworthy business. At Veriflyers, we have compiled a list of signs to look for and avoid when choosing your flyer distribution company.

Services Available

One indication of the quality of the company you are choosing is the type of services they are currently offering. For example, some flyer distribution companies only offer delivery services but not design or printing. While this may not be a red flag, it can give an indication of how established the company is and the level of service they provide overall.

At Veriflyers, not only do we offer professional and reliable leaflet printing through our partners, but we can also work with you to design an effective leaflet as well. Our extensive knowledge and experience within the sector allow us to bring your leaflets to life for a successful marketing campaign.

GPS Tracking

When choosing a flyer distribution company, it is a good idea to pick one that utilises GPS tracking to monitor their workforce throughout the day. This allows the company to send a report to their client of where their flyers have been posted.

This also avoids a common backchecking scam when some less ethical companies will report covering an area, but their data will be entirely inaccurate and many addresses will be missed. Through GPS tracking, it is explicit which areas are covered and exactly where you are reaching with your flyer marketing.


A general rule of thumb within flyer distribution among many other service areas is that if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. The key is to look for a good balance of affordability and quality. At Veriflyers we provide high-quality and reliable leaflet distribution service at an affordable price. With an over 90% deliverability rate, we have a range of service packages available for different budgets to suit your individual needs.


A key indicator of the quality of service within a flyer distributing company is the number of positive reviews that are present online. By viewing testimonials directly from existing or past customers, it provides a more accurate image of a company from the view of the consumer. Often it is worth checking public review boards such as Google reviews to see commentary submitted directly from the customer themselves. View excellent testimonials from Veriflyers customers on our Google Reviews.

If a leaflet distribution company has no positive reviews from any customers, or in fact any reviews at all, this should be viewed as a potential red flag. As a business, you need to be able to trust a service provider to avoid hassle and loss of profit.

Online Presence

In the modern world, every reputable business should have an online presence. If a company has no presence and is not actively marketing itself online through a website this could be a potential red flag on its quality and reliability.

Paired with the aspect of reviews, seeing how a company interacts with their customers online can also create an image of overall attitude towards their level of quality.

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