What to Watch Out for when Distributing Leaflets

If you are interested in running a leaflet campaign, you may want to learn more about leaflet distribution in Derby. It’s important to understand what to watch out for as well as laws and legislation to ensure your leaflet distribution is within regulation. In this article you will learn about the fundamentals of leaflet distribution to make sure your leaflet campaign is a success.

Our top tips for successful leaflet distribution

When distributing leaflets research your target audience to ensure you are reaching them in the most effective way. Depending on your target audience, a door to door service may be a more effective way to distribute leaflets than passing leaflets out in the streets. Researching the area in which you distribute leaflets is another important factor to watch out for. Different areas will need different leaflet distribution methods so you can reach everyone you want to target. For example, when distributing leaflets in a city like Derby, you may want to consider using a leaflet distribution service because it’s a large area to distribute leaflets in.

Laws and Legislation on Leaflet Distribution

Luckily in the UK, most forms of leaflet distribution are completely legal but the UK Government website has more information on permission to distribute leaflets and local council legislation for places like Derby.

Instances where you do not need permission to distribute leaflets:

  • Posting leaflets through letterboxes
  • Distributing leaflets within a building or vehicle such as a taxi or bus
  • Distributing leaflets on behalf of charities
  • Leaflets with the topic of religious and political belief.

There are two main legislations regarding leaflet distribution that you need to watch out for. The first legislation to be aware of is in regards to the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act of 2005 which is all about leaflet littering. This act is all about making sure you are accountable for your leaflet distribution and any littering that is caused from this. The second legislation to abide by is in regards to having a leaflet distribution licence. Once you have obtained a license, some councils ask you to wear this license in the form of a badge whilst distributing your leaflets. You may get a fixed penalty of up to £150 or a fine of £2000 and a criminal record if you distribute leaflets without a license. The Derby City Council website has more information on leaflet licenses here.

Finding a Reputable service provider for you Leaflet Distribution

When looking for a reputable service provider there are some key things to look for to check they are credible. A reputable service provider will have positive reviews from clients that will back up their credibility. Researching the service provider is also a good way to learn more about their credentials. Checking a provider's‘ about us’ page can tell you a lot about their values and history that will help you decide whether to choose them.

One of the best ways to ensure you are setting your campaign for success is to use a reputable service provider like Veriflyers. At Veriflyers we understand leaflet distribution in Derby, which includes all their laws and legislations. Speak to us today to get started at spreading awareness of your business today.

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