What Happens in a Flyer Distribution Company

However small or large your business may be, flyers are still a valid method of marketing for all industries in 2022. Leaflet campaigns can be a great initiative to provide you with the competitive advantage you need to successfully develop and grow your organisation.

The process of creating a flyer delivery campaign

Planning your leaflet and flyer campaign is essential if you want to get the best results from your campaign. It also saves you a lot of stress and hassle. Before considering the method of distribution, you will need to define your target audience, be clear on the message of your campaign and understand how you are going to engage your potential customers.

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Flyer Distribution in Derby and Nottingham

Delivering leaflets can be effective, but only when they are delivered by someone who understands the landscape of your chosen delivery area. Furthermore, it is important to understand your target market and enter into your project with a clear objective.

Check out our Derby and Nottingham postcode map to see the areas you can target, here.

What happens within the Veriflyers distribution centre

Within our Nottingham based distribution centre is 1500 sqft of storage space, where leaflets can be stored by the pallet load. Some of our customers take advantage of it, others simply drop what we need for smaller-scale campaigns.

Most of the activity within the distribution centre takes place on a Monday, where all the work is created into a delivery schedule for the week, for delivery throughout Nottingham and Derby. This involves looking at what service and locations each client needs to be delivered and then overlaying that against our available delivery people.

Once the schedule has been completed for the week ahead, the distribution team moves on to creating this within our delivery tracking software.

When the schedule is completed we pack the crates for each delivery person with their map and the right number of leaflets. We use weighing scales to allocate the leaflets based on weight instead of counting out individual leaflets, to save on time and to give our customers a more accurate quote for production.

Within the Verifylers centre, we can send up to 250,000 leaflets per week, so the scales save a lot of time – and our thumbs!

Once the crates are packed, a note is made of any customers who are running low on stock so we can ask them to replenish on a timely basis.

Then our delivery drivers collect the crates to be taken to the delivery people. Our tracking software sends the delivery people their work to their mobile phones. When they enable their route, the phone captures GPS data which we monitor to ensure routes are completed.

The delivery driver brings back empty crates and paperwork at the end of a Tuesday. We check all the routes for completeness – comparing the GPS data collected against the route allocated to get things ready for any client reporting and Payroll.

Our busy warehouse can send up to 250,000 leaflets per week and our expert team are always on hand to provide any further information or assistance to our clients, to give you the best possible service and outcome for your print marketing campaigns.

Need help with flyer distribution?

A lot goes into running a successful leaflet campaign, and at Veriflyers, we use our expert knowledge to produce a rewarding flyer delivery campaign.

If you want to create a powerful marketing campaign, then get in touch with our experts today to find out more about our services and see how we can help.

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